Research Environment 2024


If you are a junior researcher, you can now nominate your research environment for the Danish Young Academy’s Research Environment of the Year 2024 award and win DKK 10,000 for an academic or social event.

Good research environments foster better research

At the Danish Young Academy, we know how important it is for young researchers’ talent development to be part of good research communities. For this reason, we launched an award to recognize the importance of good research environments for the work, performance, and well-being of each individual scholar, and to acknowledge the contribution of each participant to the research community. We aim to inspire a conversation about the qualities that characterize a good research environment.

You can nominate your research environment for the Research Environment of the Year 2024 award. The prize is DKK 10,000 to support an academic or social event in your research environment. We awarded the prize for the first time in 2022. You can read about the background for the award and what we learned about great research environments from reading the many inspiring nominations that were submitted last year (only in Danish).

Who can nominate a research environment for the award?

You must be at least two junior scholars at the academic level of MA, PhD, post doc or assistant professor and be employed at a Danish research institution to nominate your research environment for the award.

What are our assessment criteria for the nominated research environments?

We find it particularly important that young researchers receive supervision, feedback, and good development opportunities. There are several ways of supporting these aims. For example, a good research environment may foster excellence and creativity in research, the testing of new ideas, collaboration, early career paths, and the well-being and mental health of all members of the community. We look forward to hearing what a good research environment means to you.

How do we define a “research environment”?

  • It may be a formal or informal network, e.g. a PhD network or an outreach network
  • It may be a research cluster which connects researchers across different disciplines
  • It may be a research group with a supervisor and two or more PhD students
  • It may be a research environment with a horizontal or vertical structure
  • It may be a digital and/or physical environment

How can you nominate your research environment?

You should submit a short nomination that addresses the following questions:

  • Provide a brief description of the nominated research environment, including your topic of research, the location and size of your research environment, and your affiliations to it.
  • Why does your research community deserve the Research Environment of the Year award?
  • How has the collaboration of your research environment fostered your research, developed you as young researchers, and enhanced your career opportunities?

The nomination can address one or more of the following questions:

  • How do you advance creativity, and how do you make room for mistakes?
  • How do you share successes and failures?
  • What do you do to create a sense of groupness and embrace difference?
  • What plans do you have for further developing your research environment?

Please offer concrete examples, not just of social activities, but also of research and career-related initiatives. Examples of top-down initiatives and bottom-up initiatives are equally encouraged.

The application deadline is 15 March 2024.
The prize is awarded in June 2024.
If you have any questions, please contact Victor Kalsen Nissen at